Crosman Air Pistols and Air Guns

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Crosman Air Pistols and Air Guns

At Wonderland Models we stock a wide selection of Air Guns including the Crosman range of Air Pistols incorporating the .22 2240 and the .177 1088. To be notified of any new Air Guns or accessories, please sign up to the Wonderland Models mailing list.

The minimum age for purchasing an air weapon is 18 and all sales of these air weapons will have to be face to face, so it will not be possible to order these items from our website. In Scotland, an Air Weapons License is required for all air weapon purchases.

From 1st October 2007 all sales of air pistols and air rifles must be made face to face, ie over the counter and therefore all mail order and internet sales of these items will be banned from this date.

Air Gun Law