ASG .177 Air Pistols

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ASG .177 Air Pistols

Our range of Air Guns includes ASG .177 Air Pistols such as the popular Dan Wesson 6" Revolver, and the Steyr M9-A1 Non Blowback Pistol. To be notified of any new Air Guns or accessories, please sign up to the Wonderland Models mailing list.

The minimum age for purchasing an air weapon is 18 and all sales of these air weapons will have to be face to face, so it will not be possible to order these items from our website. Either a driving licence or passport is required as proof of identity.

Air Gun Law


We are required by Trading Standards to advise that under no circumstances should any attempt be made to strip down and reassemble any air rifle or pistol as there are very powerful springs under pressure, even when the action is not cocked, and very serious injury can be caused.