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Welcome to the Wonderland Models online  air gun shop. Now you can take a Virtual 360 Tour of our shop from the comfort of your own home. We are an online airgun and BB gun shop who specialise in BSA, Gamo and Weihrauch air rifles. We are also a registered firearms dealer and member of the Gun Trade Association.
We have the widest range of BB Guns and Air Guns, Replicas, as well as Cap Guns, Nerf Guns, Archery Sets and Slingshots. Our range of BB guns and air guns includes BB Pistols, BB Rifles, Air Pistols, Air Rifles and much more. 

The minimum age for purchasing a BB Gun or Air Gun is 18 and all sales of air guns will have to be face to face and require a valid Air Weapons License for purchase, so it will not be possible to mail order these items. The new BB Guns with clear or coloured casings will still be able to be sold by mail order though. 
Air Weapons: A Brief Guide to Safety

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